Living through an active war was never something I expected, but here I am. Yes the war has been ongoing for 8+ years, but like most things we get comfortable with what we don't see. On February 24th, 2022 everything changed. We woke up to a major escalation with multiple attacks across the country. Over 9 months later, we are still here and trying to live our lives despite it all. You quickly learn to appreciate every moment.... Many plans for our store were quickly sidelined. A lot of our best selling products became necessary for the war effort. We've slowly been making a transition to new products, and are attempting to bring light to the many brave men and women that are standing strong against the Russian war of aggression. Soon you will find many new unit patches, clothing, and other cool things that I've come across, despite the difficulties we face each day. Pray for us and that this war finally comes to a peaceful end. Glory to Ukraine! All of the products we sell from Ukraine support businesses in Ukraine. Thank you for your support.

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